Sweet William Ennis Bio


“Sweet William” Ennis is a singer/song writer who has lived in Palatka Florida for over three decades. His personally original songs written over the span of fifty years covers multi genres and subjects including love & war with a heavy dose of Blues. On August 26th 2018, he competed solo in and won the North Central Florida Blues Regional Challenge and then represented North Central Florida at the January 2019 International Blues Challenge in Memphis, Tennessee. His acoustic finger pick style weaves through stories of his life with the simple feel of storytelling Blues. From his 1988 “Heavy Traffic” through the more recent “Dying Man Blues” his deep resonant voice grabs the essence of his “Storytelling Blues”. 




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Consider a house concert, for your special occasion, family event, fund raiser or just for the love of original stories and songs.

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Concert Planning & Promotions

Looking for help producing a four hour, all day or two day event, I can do it!! I have produced the St Johns River Blues Festival, The Folk N Blues Riverfront Festival and the Downtown Blues Club, my contacts and friendships in North Florida make it easy to line up multiple acts in many genres!

Blew Country Recording

Are you looking to record your original music with out the cost of high dollar studios? I can help, simple and fast, live four track multi-recording, 8 track capacity, 64  V track, mastering, mixing and album art work too!

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House Concerts, Listening Venue Gigs and Open Mic Shows are my favorite things, but I can do a bit more!! My full band, Shovelhead Blues Band, Duo’s and Trio’s available to suit your situation!